Fizzy, Tart, and Super Delicious Enzyme Juice—much easier than kombucha or water kefir!

Fizzy, Tart, and Super Delicious Enzyme Juice—much easier than kombucha or water kefir!

This is the ultimate fizzy probiotic drink we are now having at our home!! It is super easy to make, delicious, and less sweet, which is exactly what we were looking for! To make it, you can be so creative since you can make with all kinds of fresh fruits. Therefore, you can also enjoy seasonal flavors.

Alternative kombucha or water kefir

I love kombucha as well as water kefir. It is so refreshing, delicious, and full of probiotics. I have had years of making these drinks by myself. At the same time, I had always some difficulty with the concept of using cane sugar, as I don’t use any cane sugar for my baking or cooking. They say that the sugar will be eaten by the culture during the fermentation. And yet, to me, the sweetness you taste (quite strongly!) in those drinks shows how much sugar is still present. 

For several years until last summer, I was using the kefir grain, having my alternative way of creating water kefir. Instead of sugar, I was making the fizzy kefir non-alcoholic cider with organic unfiltered apple juice. But I eventually learned how high in sugar the apple juice was. Also, I was observing the craving for that fizzy delicious apple drink I experienced from time to time, due to its sweetness. I eventually quit making this apple kefir drink, which made my husband quite sad. But we felt good and right with our body to have cut off that drink option as a result. 

Liquid is a strong medicine for our body whose ingredients can go directly into the blood. Therefore, the sugar of the sweet juice will also goes immediately into the veins, which could possibly strain your body’s system. 

Lovely fizz, but not too sweet!

Seeing my husband’s sad reaction to ending the apple kefir juice motivated me to find an alternative way to make a less sweet and delicious probiotic drink. In fact, it is definitely lovely to have a cold fizzy drink, especially in the warmer season.

This recipe is something I modified from the enzyme juice which I learned in Japan. It is usually made with fruits and sugar, but I found out by reading a few other articles that it was possible to create only with fruits without any sugar or sugar alternative. Imagine, in a 64oz. jar, I fill with purified water, add some fruits (i.e. one small orange, four strawberries, and a quarter lemon) for the first stage of fermentation, then 40 raisins for the second stage of fermentation. The large amount of flavor from the fruits (including sugar) is released into the water, and a good amount of the sugar is eaten through the fermentation process. So there is much less sugar content compared to many other probiotic drinks. And yet it is so delicious with its flavor as well as aroma of the fruits! Plus, no need for maintenance, since each batch is made by its own without any pre-existing culture. You can take a break with it whenever you wish to.

Different fruits combination 

You can truly create your own version of enzyme juice. I usually use the organic and local fruits we get at the farmers market. I have experimented with orange, strawberries, lemon, and apples in different combinations. What I discovered was that with apples, the liquid ferments much faster than with other fruits. So, the ingredients of the fruits decides the length of the first fermentation process. I also love to add some herbs and spices. In this warm season, adding mint will be so nice and refreshing. Although I have not yet tried, adding some lavender should  also be very beautiful. When the autumn season comes, I would like to make a drink with apples, cinnamon, and some other spices.

What kind of combination of fruits is your favorite enzyme drink? I would love to hear your creative and delicious ideas!


Fizzy Delicious Enzyme Juice

September 5, 2021


  • For making in 64oz jar:
  • Seasonal fruits of your liking
  • water
  • 60 raisins
  • Step 1 Have all jars sterilized prior to use.
  • Step 2 Cut desired fruits in smaller and thinner shape. When using citrus fruits, squeeze the juice first into the jar, then cut the fruits.
  • Step 3 Fill 90% of a 64oz jar with water.
  • Step 4 Add the cut fruits to the jar.
  • Step 5 Cover the jar with cheese cloth and let sit on the counter for a few days. The bubbling activity begins in 1-3 days, depending on the temperature as well as the ingredients. (For example, when you add apples, the bubbling process starts very quickly.)
  • Step 6 While letting the jar sit on the counter, open the cheese cloth cover and stir the liquid twice a day.
  • Step 7 Once the bubbling activity begins to calm down, strain the fruits and transfer into other jars that you want to store in the fridge. I like using used kombucha bottles.
  • Step 8 Put 20 raisins in each bottle, seal the bottles well, and store in the fridge. This is the second fermentation.
  • Step 9 During the second fermentation, you can add some fresh herbs, spices, or fresh ginger, as you wish.
  • Step 10 In a few days, the liquid becomes a beautifully fizzy enzyme juice!

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