About Mindful Japanese Cooking

Putting the busy tempo and day-to-day concerns aside,

Let us tune into the slow tempo and gracious touch.

Ask how our body feels today and feel what energy can nurture and revitalize us.

Standing in the kitchen, in the grounded, balanced, and effortless posture,

know that all of the energy that we put through our hands into the food will merge with the ingredients and be absorbed into our body.

Let us fill the dishes with much love and care.

I am inviting you to tune-in to the slow and wholesome rhythm with me together.

Yes, life can be demanding and require much of you for many things.

So, if this is not for your daily meal, just for the weekend dinner… 

When you take time to soak the grain overnight or more than 8 hours, 

make the broth by yourself with long simmering heat, 

cut the vegetables with love and care, 

and transform them with patience, curiosity, and attentiveness, 

a meal becomes more than just a meal. 

It permeates into our body and soul as deep nourishment. 

It promotes the inner balance, cleanses us, and grounds us gently.

The experience of cooking is so rich and beautiful.

And it will be so delicious!!