How to explore this blog

I have made several categories through which you can explore this blog according to your needs and curiosity. In the Seasonal Meal Plan (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner), you can get some ideas and inspiration on how to build one lunch or dinner menu using seasonal ingredients. In each article, there are some dishes with detailed recipes and some others with an easy explanation of how to make it. To find individual detailed recipes of savory dishes, including soups, dressings, sauce, and more, you can go to Recipe Index by Categories. If you are curious about recipes with certain ingredients, go to Recipe Index by ingredients. It is categorized under various vegetables. If you like to get some ideas to make vegan, wheat-free, cane-sugar free, wholesome sweets, go to Vegan Sweets. I have been making sweets and developing recipes in this way over a decade. If you are a fermented food lover or beginner, go to Fermented Food. Japanese people love fermented food. It is our tradition. Gut health can improve our overall health, and probiotic food is one of the greatest helpers. If you are curious about Japanese food culture and cooking truly authentic Japanese food, go to Japanese Cooking Basics. When you get these basics together, you can cook beautiful, wholesome Japanese food. And lastly, I am sharing with you in particular about Women’s self-care and well-being—how not only diet, but other practices and lifestyles have been supporting my own well-being and deeper connection with my woman’s body. I believe that the more we can listen, honor, and flow with the nature of our body, the more we become empowered, grounded, and creative, where the life glows in beauty.

I hope this blog can bring you some inspiration!