Healing and Cleansing Sweet Vegetable Soup

Healing and Cleansing Sweet Vegetable Soup

Happy New Year!! In Japan, the first three days in January are called sanganichi, three celebratory days, when people spend time for themselves. So, I am back after the winter holidays and sanganichi New Year celebration.

Like us, many of you might have had some irregular diet and wish to bring your body back to the balance after the holiday season. This sweet vegetable soup is a classic and powerful healing soup that is perfect for such a body’s needs. The soup is made with only four vegetables. It is very easy and has a very gentle and nurturing taste.

The Healing Magics of Sweet Vegetable Soup

Healing pancreas and blood sugar swing

In the modern diet, we tend to let our body swing between the lower and higher blood sugar more than we know. Especially in the holiday season, when we have a more irregular diet, this will be even more pronounced. One of the organs that carries the load of work to maintain the balance and well-being is the pancreas that regulates the blood sugar. This sweet vegetable soup has a deep healing power to soften and release the contracted overworked pancreas and restore it. Also, the soup brings the blood sugar level back to balance.

Healing and cleansing our gut

The magical healing energy works also for the health of the intestines. The gentle sweetness of the soup will soften the organs that could be tensed by stress. Moreover, the soup is packed with the soluble dietary fiber as well as Oligosaccharides, which is beneficial for the healthy bacteria’s growth in the intestine. Therefore, this soup helps us to cleanse our colon.

For a healing and cleanse, drink only the liquid!

If you are truly wanting to experience the most healing potential of the soup, best is to strain the vegetables and drink only the liquid warm, on an empty stomach. In this way, the healing property of this soup will be directly absorbed into the body. It will warm and nurture your body, as well as cleanse and replenish your organs.

Drink 100~150ml for a serving twice a day (in the morning and evening), or once in the afternoon on an empty stomach. Continue for 10 to 14 days.

Cutting the vegetables into small dices makes the soup medicinal

To make the soup potent, it is important to take some extra time and effort, which is absolutely worth it! Cut each vegetable into about 5mm dices. In this way, the healing essence of the vegetables will dissolve into the water as much as possible.

Arrange for a healing soup dish in your meal

But this soup can be eaten as one of the dishes with some seasoning. Salt and pepper could be one option, but I like adding a small amount of soy sauce to bring flavor as well as aroma. After cooking, the vegetables no longer have much flavor, but we can still eat and enjoy their consistency as well as take further fiber.

Layering from Yin and Yang

I have mentioned this before in the article for homemade vegetable broth, about this method of layering from to yin to yang in a pot. It is amazing how nature can create the magical alchemy for the taste and energy. As yin energy vegetables grow upward and yang energy vegetables grow downwards, when layering from yin to yang in a pot, the energy of all the ingredients merge and circulate by themselves.

Yin vegetables are commonly lighter in color, whereas yang energy vegetables are commonly darker. With this sweet vegetable soup, you layer from onion, cabbage, winter squash, to carrots. It’s a beautiful ritual, and you will receive their healing magic!

How to make the soup

  1. Cut 120g each of onion, cabbage, winter squash, and carrot into 5mm dices.
  2. Layer in the pot from yin vegetables to yang vegetables (diced onion, cabbage, winter squash, to carrot).
  3. Very gently pour in about 2L of water into the pot so that the vegetable layers stay in place as much as possible.
  4. Turn the heat to high until it starts to boil.
  5. Turn the heat to low and simmer for 25 minutes.

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