Fermentation Projects

Fermentation Projects

A few days ago, I was seeing my kitchen counter and felt such joy, gratitude, and abundance. I was looking at jars of different shapes and sizes filled with different deliciousness in colors and shapes. There were various fermentation projects going on here! Enzyme juice, hot sauce, and fermented tomato sauces with red and yellow cherry tomatoes. These alchemical foods are alive, transforming themselves moment to moment. Such a beautiful thing to have and be making a living food by oneself.

Fermentation is an amazing gift. You can see how alive the nature is. Just putting some cut fruits in water for example, it starts to bubble, and many many microorganisms come to life, eating the sugar, and transforming the drink into a very healthy probiotic beverage. Also, the hot sauce and fermented tomato sauce, for example, by adding some water and salt, it starts to bubble in just a few days, transforming its flavor into a more complex one. When adding any of these to your dishes, they will bring the food to another level. And they will help with digestion.

Now, we have red and green hot sauce ready. The green is made with Serrano and Jalapeno. So, it is much hotter than the red one which I made adding some beautifully red, small, and less spicy peppers. I also plan to make a little more before pepper season ends so that we can have our hot sauce stocked in the fridge until next summer.

There are two fermented tomato sauces, red and yellow. This was the first time for me to separate two colors and make a batch for each. I wanted to experiment to see if there was any difference in flavor. There was indeed! The yellow tomato sauce had more acidity than the red one, which turned out to be quite mild. Interesting! When eating raw, yellow cherry tomatoes, they can be so deliciously sweet, but as they became fermented, the sour flavor got enhanced. I am wondering what kind of food the sauce could go well with in flavor and color. Sautéed or steamed greens, for example… I am looking forward to trying!

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