About Me

About Me

Hello! I am Seshen. Welcome to Mindful Japanese Cooking—wholesome plant-based diet and self-loving-care living!

Here you can find articles and recipes on delicious, wholesome, and balanced vegetarian/vegan diet, as well as about lifestyles on how to nurture and care for ourselves. Many of these values have been cultivated through what I learned in my Japanese culture. And over the past decades, they have been interwoven with various modalities I have studied and practiced, such as organic vegetarian, whole foods plant-based, macrobiotic, and raw vegan diets; Chinese medicine, organic farming, and different healing practices.

I am a professional vocalist, dancer, and healing practitioner from Japan, now living in the Central Coast of California with my husband, after having lived on different continents of this planet. Cooking has always been a love and joy in my life. I have been preparing meals for my family ever since I was a young girl. It continues to be an essential ritual in my everyday life to connect with the energy of creativity and inspirations, as well as for peace and focus through sensing and co-creating with the gifts of nature. It is an absolute joy to make delicious meals that nurture both me and my family with happiness and a sense of well-being!

Through practicing healing work on people’s bodies and energy for the past 15 years, I am humbly continuing to deepen my understanding as to how listening, caring, and nurturing our bodies in sync with the rhythm of nature is the pathway to our wholesome well-being. And in fact, this well-being powerfully ripples out, as the more we treat our body with love and care, the more we can naturally care for others as well as our beautiful earth. This is why I am here. I want to share this practice with you together through delicious and healthy meals, as well as other beautiful practices through which we can honor and nurture our body.

In Japanese culture, food has to be delicious, healthy, beautiful, and balanced. It has to satisfy all senses of our body beautifully to vitalize, replenish, ground, and expand. And this value extends to how we live, and how we take care of ourselves and others. The well-being is rooted in the harmony (和), in which our energy flows naturally from the place of equilibrium and sense of happiness. While living in different countries around the globe, I experienced how this culture and value could bring not only pleasure and inspiration, but also deep nourishment to many people.

Good food is too good to keep to oneself and not share! I welcome you to my home, my kitchen, and dining table. I have always felt multiplying inspirations when I cook for others rather than for just myself alone. It is my joy to invite you here to join us from your home, wherever you may be on this planet. Let us nourish our body and senses with the blessings of nature and the love and care which permeates through our hands!