Open sandwich with hummus and cucumber-watermelon smoothie

Open sandwich with hummus and cucumber-watermelon smoothie

It was one of the days I wanted to make our lunch quickly, yet I didn’t want to compromise on the nutrition, deliciousness, as well as seasonal feeling of the food. The sun is shining brightly and it is beautifully warm outside. On such a day, it feels so good to have a light meal which is still nutritional and refreshing. Looking into the fridge to see what fresh ingredients we have, as well as what I have already made, I came up with this idea.

Today’s Menu

  • Hummus and marinated eggplant open sandwich
  • Hummus and fermented tomato sauce open sandwich
  • Sliced cucumber with humus
  • Watermelon-cucumber probiotic smoothie

Hummus and marinated eggplant open sandwich

This is a must try! It’s a blessing of the summer season to enjoy the eggplant, and I love making this marinated eggplant in this season (recipe here). This allows me to enjoy the deliciousness of the eggplant in a smaller quantity and in such a flavorful way. And this goes so well with hummus. 

Hummus and fermented tomato sauce open sandwich

This was another golden combination! I am so in love with my fermented tomato sauce, and ever since I made it, I thought how it should be going so well with hummus. It sure did! Cilantro on top is adding the appetizing aroma and creates a wonderful and balanced composition to this sandwich.

Cucumber with hummus

Spreading the hummus on the bread, I thought it would be so nice to eat a little more. So, I decided to use some slices of fresh cucumber that were left from making a smoothy and put hummus on top.

Hummus is a wonderful help for my quick-fix nutritional lunch. The chickpea gives us protein, and I add a good amount of tahini, which is a wonderful source of calcium. The spices and lemon juice I add also support our digestive system. When I make hummus, I make a large amount so that we can have it a few times during the week. And for a day like this, it is perfect to use!

Watermelon-cucumber probiotic smoothie

We recently got watermelon from our favorite farmer Tom Shepherd, at the Santa Barbara farmers market. He was telling us how delicious this yellow watermelon is. Of course, eating cut watermelon as it is is a great joy of the summer season, but this smoothie I have been so looking forward to making once the season started. Watermelon as well as cucumber are wonderful for hydration as well as vitamins. And they are also naturally diuretic. They both hydrate and eliminate unnecessary things from our body. I blended watermelon, cucumber, fresh mint, and my coconut yoghurt with some lemon peel. Oh my goodness!! What a gift. So delicious. So refreshing. And such a joy!

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