DIY V-Steam (Yoni Steam) Sauna Box

DIY V-Steam (Yoni Steam) Sauna Box

Last month, I finally made my own V-steam sauna box. It had been my wish for a while, and I am feeling so happy about this!

I am not a handy person at all, yet I very much wanted to make this by myself, not only because it is so much cheaper (it costs around $200 on the market), but also it felt to be a beautifully sacred ritual to create something that will help me to honor and balance my woman’s body.

When I was interested in making my own steam sauna box, I tried to find some ideas and instructions online. But I could hardly find ones I wanted to follow, except for this beautiful and informative video by Joannas Essentials in German language. Fortunately, I can speak German and I could understand, but I thought it will be so nice to have an article in English about how to easily make the V-steam sauna box. That’s why I decided to share with you about my experience of making it. I hope this will give women inspiration so that anyone can make this, and it is such a wonderful experience to use a self-made steam box.

What is V-Steaming?

V-steaming (in other words vaginal steaming or yoni steaming) is a beautiful, deeply healing and nurturing self-care ritual for women. It has been practiced in many countries around the globe for many centuries to maintain or heal women’s health. 

It is accessible for every woman (although there are several contraindications for temporary conditions), and how it unfolds is very simple.

Profound healing benefits

Despite its simplicity, the healing, cleansing, and nurturing effects are strong and profound. The steaming can approach our womb’s health gently and deeply to improve or maintain the health of the uterus and ovaries to support the following phase in a woman’s life:

  • Menstrual difficulties
  • Fertility
  • Labor preparation and support
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Menopause and post-menopause

Calming our nervous system and warming our organs

Not only addressing specific issues related with women’s health, steaming has also wonderful effects for the well-being of our body-mind. As the steam and its warmth helps to relax the tissues around the pelvic floor (where many of us today have strong contraction due to stress and works), it can relax and soften the body as well as calm the nervous system. Also, the steaming can aid the overall health, since warming the organs and promoting better circulation around this area is crucial for it.

Opening the energy—root and sacral chakra

Another healing aspect of the steaming is on energetic levels. As our womb is connected with both root and sacral chakra, the steaming could open up, transform, heal, and vitalize any aspects that are related with these two energetic centers. The root chakra is about our connection with earth, our groundedness, as well as sense of security (physical, emotional, and material). The second chakra is connected with our creativity, sexuality, sensuality, and self- expression.

The benefit of the V-steam sauna box

You can do your V-steaming session without a sauna box by a kneeling method or creating an arrangement with your chair. And yet, using the sauna box can make your steaming experience much more easy, elegant, and effective. 

When you put the steaming pot in the sauna box and begin to steam, you can receive a richer quality of steam by its being held inside the box without escaping outside. Also, the warmth of the pot can be maintained much better than in an exposed setup, and you can experience the long lasting consistent temperature. Another beauty is the solidity and comfort of sitting on the box. It is deeply grounding, as well as beautiful.

The choice of wood

I used a 3/4” thick cherry plywood. This wood was originally used for a DIY shelf in the kitchen that we had for less than a year. We took out the nails from the wood and gave it a new purpose to become my steam sauna box! I imagine there are other woods that could be more suitable for this purpose, but it has been about one month since I started to use it, and it is absolutely fine. I think what is important is to oil the wood well before the assemblage so that the quality of wood can stay well while receiving the moisture from the steam.

Measurement and cutting

Due to the size of the wood I have used, I decided to make a steaming sauna box that is 13 1/2” high and 12” x12” for the sitting surface. This might be a little too small for some of you, but with the size of my body, this has been working very well.

Luckily, I have a neighbor who is a wood worker, so I asked him to cut the wood for me in the following measurement:

  • 2 pieces of 12” x 12” wood (for top and bottom)
  • 2 pieces of 12” x 13 1/2” wood (for side)
  • 2 pieces of 10 1/2” x 13 1/2” wood (for side)

In one of the 12” x 12” pieces, I had a 5 1/2” diameter hole cut for the seating.

Also, in one of the 12” x 13 1/2” pieces, I had an opening made so that the electric burner’s cord could pass through and I can access the burner’s nob.

Other materials

For the oiling, I used raw linseed oil.

For the assembly, as I didn’t want to use nails (for appearance), I used the L-shaped metal brace like the video I referred to. But in my hardware store, there was no corner metal brace. So, I used 8 pairs of L-shaped metal braces for the side, and 7 pairs for the bottom.

For opening and closing the lid, I used two metal hinges.

A wood glue or super glue will be an additional support to seal the wooden sides together. I used a wood glue.

Process of making

1. Measure and mark the wood.

2. Cut the wood.

3. Sand each side with sand paper.

4. Oil the wood on both surfaces as well as all sides. Leave to dry for at least a day.

5. For assembly, start with the three of the four side panels. Place two pairs of panel in the right position, then place the L-shaped metal braces to mark the hole with the pencil. Repeat this four times.

6. Use the nail and hammer to create little holes where the pencil has marked so that you can screw in there more easily upon assemblage.

7. Apply some wood glue and put the wood together. Place the L-shaped metal braces back to the marked place and use the hand screw to screw in.

8. Once three sides are combined, place it on the top of the bottom wood and mark the location of L-shaped metal braces with the pencil, then again, use the nail and hammer to create little holes.

9. Put the wood glue first and place the three-sided panel on the bottom wood, then screw the L-shaped metal braces in one by one.

10. Once the three side panels and bottom part have come together, put the fourth side panel and screw the L-shaped metal braces in.

11. Mark the hole of the metal hinges on the side of the top panel and the side panel, then use the nail and hammer to create little holes.

12. Screw in the metal hinges.

————— You are all done!! —————

Here is my homemade steam sauna box which I keep in my bedroom and feel happy when I look at it. I have to mention that for making it, I couldn’t do it all by myself. Thanks to my husband, holding the wood in place, it made it so much easier and possible for me to do this. So, I recommend that you also get someone’s help. It will make the process much simpler and more joyful.

Let’s get started!

If you are a steaming beginner and want to address any imbalance or difficulties around your menstrual cycle or any other concerns, I recommend that you consult with a professional. In this way, you can learn what is the best steaming setup in terms of length and frequency of the steaming sessions, as well as the right herbs that your body needs. In this way, the process will be much more informative and effective. You can find more information about steaming here at Steamychick’s website which is the most informative resource that is available for the vaginal steaming.

Taking care of our women’s body is deeply nurturing, healing, and empowering. When we come in touch with our mystical feminine nature more intimately, new vitality and inspiration as well as sense of power and joy surges through our body and heart. This has at least been my experience. Vaginal steaming is a healing of women, by women, for women, that has been practiced for many generations around the world. I hope you feel inspired to start incorporating this beautiful ritual in your life, if you have not tried it yet. And I believe you will truly experience its magical effects!

Further information for nurturing your moon time (menstrual period)

Here are some articles for your moon time diet. Food is another wonderful way to support our women’s health and I am sharing with you some delicious and nurturing recipes for supporting the womb cleanse during your moon time.

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